Fresh Food Vending

Discover next generation vending with Food Express! We offer unparalleled options for fresh, healthy vended foods, featuring SavantTM Smart Vending Technology, convenient payment options, great monthly promotions, and exciting food selections.

Fresh Food Vending

Foodies will love our fresh food vending choices! Our foods not only taste great, but also meet sensible nutritional guidelines through “The Right Choice…for a Healthier You™" program, led by our staff dietitian. Healthy choices are designated by the apple/heart logo, The Right Choice for a Healthier You icon, to help your employees make healthier eating choices - which impact their performance at work as well as their overall well-being in life. By carrying a wide range of healthy, satisfying food choices at your site, there’s no longer a need to take time away from work to hunt for food.

When your employees visit our vending areas for a full meal or a light snack, you can be sure you’re providing them with

  • Healthy, fresh foods in stock at all times, prepared with the freshest ingredients on-site at our regional culinary center.
  • Rewards with every purchase, through the USConnectMe loyalty and rewards program.
  • Instant Savings on a wide range of products through our ongoing monthly promotions
  • Availability of their favorite items, ensured by our constant remote monitoring of inventory levels and the maintenance status of each machine.
  • Multiple payment options, which include Apple Pay, Google Pay, the USConnectMe card, the USConnect App, and cash, debit, and credit cards.

With all the Food Express vending options you can offer your employees, what’s not to love?

Fresh Food Vending
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