Your Fresh Food Products Supplier in Charlotte NC

We are committed to providing Charlotte the freshest food vending services with dedicated service and support.

Your Fresh Food Products Supplier in Charlotte NC

Food Express

113 Branch Street

Lowell, NC 28098

Phone: (704) 824-7095

Searching for something fresh in vending services solutions? Food Express® offers office coffee services in addition to healthy vending options to clients in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Food Express® is a family-owned, customer-focused business founded in 1985. They are one of America's fastest growing food services companies and ready to provide fresh, healthy food service solutions for your team in Charlotte.

We invite you to contact our office in Charlotte, N.C., so you can see how we keep things fresh with our full line of refreshment services.

Our passion as a food products supplier in Charlotte is serving fresh food. Our growing list of corporations around the Southeast continue to partner with us, just as they have since our family-owned and operated business began in 1985.
Food Express delivers nothing but the best for every aspect of the business:


Only the freshest ingredients are used in the vending foods prepared in our Regional Culinary Center and in your corporate dining facility in Charlotte.

Creative and Customizable

Our design experts create welcoming dining environments in our Charlotte Bistro To Go! and full-service dining rooms, all of which are carefully customized to the specific, unique needs and preferences of each client.


Employee surveys helps you (and us) know of changing tastes in foods. By offering them what they want, you keep your employees happy, productive, and on-site - all while fulfilling their corporate catering needs. Need a change? No problem.


All aspects of our refreshment services can be customized, including the kinds of food items stocked right down to the pricing. We own our machines, so we can better serve your employees with the choices they want to have available.


Our fresh food vending and beverage machines are high-capacity, ENERGY STAR-labeled equipment which helps you to reduce your energy consumption. Good for you. Good for Earth.

Advanced Technology

We install the latest technology in all of our fresh food vending machines in Charlotte, providing us with remote monitoring of food availability, the USConnect Rewards program, and wireless, cashless payment options.


Our factory-trained vending technicians are available around the clock every day of the year. Their quick response ensures reliability of the vending services for you and your employees.

Quality Controlled

Food Express’ Quality Assurance Program ensures our machines are clean and operating properly, helping to keep your food selection as fresh and delicious as when it was delivered.

Dedicated to You

When you partner with Food Express, a dedicated customer service representative will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want for your food service needs.

Are your Charlotte vending services ready for a fresh experience in food service? Contact Food Express today to learn how we can create a customizable dining or food service program for your company.

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